Getting Started

Let's start by setting up a new Framework project and creating the files for our application.

Download & Install

Please see the instructions in the framework README »


$ famous framework-scaffold
? Enter your component's name: apple-tv
? Does the project name "my-name:apple-tv" look ok? Yes
(Lots of installation messages...)

Once everything is installed, create three new files in the apple-tv folder named apple-tv.css,apple-tv.html galleryData.js. To do this from the command line, you can type:

$ cd components/my-name/apple-tv
$ touch apple-tv.css
$ touch apple-tv.html 
$ touch galleryData.js
$ cd ../../..

If done correctly, your folder structure should now look similar to this:

  ├─ ...
     └─ my-name/
         └─ apple-tv/
            └─ apple-tv.css
            └─ apple-tv.html
            └─ apple-tv.js
            └─ galleryData.js

The apple-tv.js file will contain our entire Framework component, apple-tv.html will contain the Tree, galleryData.js will contain our the data for our images, and, as you might have guessed, apple-tv.css will contain our external styles.

Running the command npm run dev from the terminal will let you view the project's live output on http://localhost:1618 as you make changes to it. Entering control + C into the terminal will exit. Open the project up in your favorite text editor before moving on to the next step.

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